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"In Luna City,The flower blooms at the yard."
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SFX Motion Picture Syory VOL.2!
"The Parasite Monster From The Outer Space"
(Only reading the title make you laughing.)
If you are B class movie fan,
You will be not able to miss this story.

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This Work is popular!! ...I think
In 1989,too early,The work of the impact!
The first time about the general exhibition.

" I " travels by sexual act from the mind to another mind.
" I " am not flesh, and hides in the consciousness and lives in.
To what purpose and then where.....
Now Erotical horror takes off a veil.

The comical youth novel
ボタン"The summer of bicycle"ボタン

In 1977,
We were the students being which lives in the time delay.
The friendship and the love,
The distress of the youth,
this place the such suitable good youth have a completely different story.

Modern Horror Novel

ボタン"The Initiation"ボタン
The day to have known that I was not a child already

The fear novel with strange interest
The monster and the maniac manslaughter person don't appear
but the fear after finishing reading to make a word and the touch trick it isn't possible make will be left in your heart.

The pace to the adult whom anyone passes,
I pictured the fear and beating fast.
The reflextion, the pure literature, too, may come out.
But,This is called the function story which is a field.

This is the work with conation which I wrote in the 33 year-old.
The true fear is just next to the daily life.

Guest Corner
ボタン"In Luna City,The flower blooms at the yard."ボタン
by Katsuhisa Ohno
This work is the shortest form of the long universe history.
I could not think this way.

Katsuhisa Ohno possesses the right of this work.

Hard Boiled Mystery Porno Story
ボタン"Takashi the detective,Wet Investigation Report"ボタン

This novel was carried on "The Monthly Porno Stories" published by Tokyo-Sanseishya,
in 1991 July.
This is the work of the Mystery Story style,
but is the work to endure practical use sufficiently as the pornography story.

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The terrible god landed in Manhattan!
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"RIMVOX!" Mr.Tuchiya's beautiful illustration is here.

ボタンLook!SFX-movie fan!too.ボタン
"The Parasite Monster From The Outer Space"
If You love these company's works,
you must not miss this story.

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