「FUJAIRAH  フジャイラ 最古のモスク」

"The FUJAIRAH oldest mosque"


A sheikhdom called FUJAIRA is situated in East Coast. There, it is the mosque called the U.A.E. oldest. It was sitting down calmly in the form kept by the photograph in the middle of the loose curve.


When we visited, local persons, the men of the Europe system, the men of India or the Pakistan system, and many men were coming for inspection. It has written to the entrance like a photograph "Only a muslin rim must not enter." Of course, the men appropriate for a local do not have hesitation of what, either. It is not wrong. The ladies of the Europe system were surprised. Clothing and smiling on the body suitably, if a black veil is taken out out of a car, it enters into a mosque and the photograph is taken. Is it the same feeling although it meets to the traveler who a short-sleeved shirt etc. is not allowed, but is confused and wears the raincoat mostly in Italy when going into a church?
It was calm, the rule was broken and it was in the figure made cool now agape.


An inside is very simple although the same is said of a mosque of what. There is [ whether it says and ] nothing.


It is because it is the sacredness place which gathers in order that [ the ] a muslin rim may merely pray it.