It is the end of "UAE west and is BORDER POST."


A little more than 350km of the things to separate from Abu Dhabi. It is the Saudi Arabia border of UAE located most west. Although the garrison office of the Saudi Arabia border was also in RIWA, it said that it was very calm here, or there was only a fence. Since it was touch called a buffer zone rather than direct Southey, although the other side of a fence might be PIRIPIRI so much, here was the big building and the gate. On the character of the border, although carrying the photograph of a gate etc. cut down, the track loading with the load went back and forth frequently, and it was a lively place rather than it considered. About ten used cars by which the poster written to be "EXPORTED" has been carried out were put on the vacant lot in front of the border.
It is absorbed in strange sentimentality that the car of such extent is also sold and bought.


Seemingly, a check here will have a time severer than the time of coming out of UAE of entering UAE from Southey. All loads can be opened, the board under a trunk room is also removed, and all are checked. It is said that the forged Koran, a sex relation, etc. are seen severely. Of course, since Saudi Arabia did not accept entrance into a country for sight-seeing, although I could not enter a country, I called it the strain not to feel or felt the serious thing in Japan which does not have the border at home.


In the face of the border, the mosque considered to be west most by UAE builds. Since it built in large sand, although the size was not able to be felt from a distance, when approached, it was large and was splendid. Although it will not be, when coming out of UAE with regards to [ border ] faith of a muslin rim, it is absorbed in deep emotion whether it is praying the last and whether it is carrying out a prayer of the beginning in UAE.




The mosque which stands still valiantly under the scorching sun. One big power in the country of the sun and sand is felt.