タイトルには悩みました。It worried about the title.

 ある日、ホテルのバーでお酒を飲んでいました。アラブ諸国の中でも限られた場所でモスリムでなければお酒を飲むことができるからです。そのバーではフィリピンのバンドが演奏をしていました。ここ半年ばかりの間、何度かこのお店に来て、このバンドのメンバーとも少々言葉を交わすようになっていました。そのメンバーが次の週にはフィリピンに帰ることになったそうで、もしかしたら最後の演奏かもしれないという気持ちで演奏を聞いていました。Alcohol was drunk with a certain day and the bar of a hotel. It is because alcohol can be drunk if it is not a muslin rim in the place restricted also in Arab countries. The band of the Philippines was performing in the bar. In between in here half a year, it comes to this store several times, and talks also with the member of this band a little. The member was listening to the performance in the feeling will return to the Philippines and that it may be the last performance at the next week, supposing that was right and it carried out or.


There, the group of the white who did curious appearance went. It is intrusion correctly. It is made a number and are you about 30 persons? The person who did a hippie's appearance in the 70s, the person of the gram lock style, person of the Indian style -- It is various. It had the bottle of beer in the hand, and it entered, puffing tobacco. It seems that alcohol is fairly contained. Loud voice is raised with the width which is performing and it was begun to take a commemorative photo. When or was thought so, it went up to the stage slowly, and when だ which does not adhere a microphone was thought, it began to sing freely. The number increases alone, it increases alone more, and about ten persons are intrusion on a stage. It is indifferent although the girl of a chorus does a disagreeable face plainly.
My uncle of vocal still responds with sufficient sociability, and he sings frantically together. It is the person who tobacco is despised on a stage, and the number of books of beer increases, and takes what lies down, the thing laughing heartily, and a photograph. -- It is in a lordly manner.


If it is said what is told to doing of a drunkard of free, it will be the thing it comes out of so much.


however, a doorman's uncle -- which I abandon, saying the men by the side of the hotel to which they of my thing face and they must be treated with sufficient sociability, and "what is more said as people from India not being stopped, either", either, and is not spread -- what cannot bear such diagrams was felt not exaggerated -- the composition in the world -- it was thought that it remained as it is The history changed with nationality and isn't the diagram which cannot be overcome done? I say that no man is so of course, and do not think that it meets. However, their attitude cannot be borne.