「FUJAIRAH ターザンの木」

"FUJAIRAH Tarzan's tree"

 その木を見つけた時は思わず「おーーー」と声をあげてしまいました。以前探しに来たときには見つけることができなかったターザンの木を発見したのです。When the tree is found, "ーーー" and voice are raised involuntarily. When it came to search before, Tarzan's tree which was not able to be found was discovered.

 それは、オアシスの中にでんと構えて立っていました。樹齢は何年と言えばいいのでしょう。数え方もわかりません。しかし、そこに立っている存在感は大きなものでした。Into oasis, it was established heavily and stood. What is necessary will be just to call the age of a tree what year. It does not know that also counts. However, the presence which stands there was big.


Many and many roots which will seemingly be called Tarzan's tree and called aerial root (a true name is not known.) (?) are hanging down.


A thing called the tree and DETSU of a well, a waterway, and the mango that is seemingly cultivated intentionally was the way of growing thick which is not impressed with a desert country with the circumference appropriate for oasis. It will rain or it will still be so humid that it does not become a thing compared with inland since FUJAIRA is located in East Coast of UAE and it has a mountains zone west.


Rich water, fruit which grows thick and which fruited green and heavily ...


It was the scene where it was impressed also by the whole surface which will go away and to say, UAE.