「MASAFFI マサフィ フライデーマーケット」

"MASAFFI MASAFI Friday market"


There is Yamama's town called MASAFI while going to East Coast. There is one corner the "Friday market." If it goes from Abu Dhabi, the spectacle in which the stall is located in a line in a row at the both sides of a way will jump at hand which was opened suddenly.


baking -- obtaining -- a Indian millet -- boiling -- corn -- drying -- fish, vegetables, fruit, and miscellaneous-goods -- It will be surprised at the spectacle in which all things are located in a line. Vegetables and fruit look fairly fresh.


The man is  friendly and he likes fitting in a camera.


Although it thinks that the mountain of a fish appears, there are many flies which the way of the potato which is in the back in fact extorts.