"FUJAIRA waterfall"

 U.A.E.東部のフジャイラには滝があります。しかし本当は東海岸にありながらもSHARJA首長国のKhor Fakkanにあります。

U.A.E. There is a waterfall in FUJAIRA of eastern part. However, though it is in East Coast in fact, it is in Khor Fakkan of SHARJA sheikhdom.


A wadi is run to search in a waterfall. It separated from the asphalt road and the waterfall was discovered by a little more than [ which runs / things 15 minute ]. The cliff of both sides has collapsed and a road is steep, and it is discovery when it got tired quite. Although grass had sprung up, I had dried and thought that the waterfall had also withered in some places. However, there was a waterfall too. Though it was small, sound was raised roaring and it was flowing. With a photograph, although it may be unclear, a waterfall is in the shade of the rock under a center.


Water pool had the depth and transparency which can swim in about [ depth 1.2m ] enough. Many persons appropriate [ from India ] and local parties actually came for us and substitution to swimming.


thinking naturally, "what has it become besides ?" It reached upwards. There was a river with what and several meters. And the point had disappeared in the earth. Like a left photograph, it turns out that the upstream of a waterfall was steep and deeply.


However, probably, the water of this present waterfall is coming from where.


                     The dry ground and sudden water.


                     It was the very wonderful whole surface of UAE.