「DAFTA 無人の村」

"DAFTA an uninhabited village"


 FUJAIRA sheikhdom is situated in the direction of the east of U.A.E. There is a village called DAFTA while breaking into the right from Masafi and going to FUJAIRA. Although it was a village in the comparatively shallow place which went into several kilometers back from the trunk road, they were the ruins which are just watched by TV.

 しかし、写真のように山すそに位置し、以前は豊かな水と緑に囲まれた、住みやすい村だったのだと想像できます。脇に流れていた川は深くえぐられ、水の流れの強さが分かります。However, it is located in the base of a mountain like a photograph, and it can be imagined that it was the village which was surrounded by rich water and rich green and in which it is easy to live before. The river which was flowing by its side is scooped out deeply, and understands the strength of the flow of water.


Although it may be unclear, a picture lower half is a "former" river. A big rock thinks that it turns out that it has scooped out by the flow of water.


Only this got dry and the date was growing muscularly also in the village which stopped being also in people. Is the date said that Allah gave people strong too?


It seemed that a door to which a man's smiling face overlaps there was telling the sadness of ruins too many.


There are some countries which change land so that man may tend to live, and there are some countries which know that it cannot win in the strength of land. If it thinks that a mountain will become a man's 住処 if it deletes, do we surely receive big revenge?