「FUJAIRA Bithna Fort」

"FUJAIRA Bithna Fort"




The BITHNA photograph in UAE east side stood still at the inside where a tree along the foot of mountains grows luxuriantly calmly.


The photograph of the old castle in Europe has been seen. It was the splendid castle colored tradition and social status

 ここに立つフォートは美しいとも、格調高いとも思えません。しかし、灼熱の中に立つ姿には力を感じます。the photograph which stands here is beautiful -- classical -- it does not seem to be high However, power is felt for the figure which stands into red heat.


A wall feels the power which was here, even if it is covered with scar omission and tin, a way and the circumference are not fixed and a guidance board has not enough come out, either.


Conversely, he has a feeling that the photograph is [ the way of the present figure which a man hardly visits ] calmly valid.