「ARJAN がんばれ鷹君」

"ARJAN -- its best can be done -- Mr. Taka -- "


It met the hawk considered to have aged. This is an occurrence in ARJAN. If the sand load is run, what moves to along [ the pipeline of water ] It was a hawk when often seen. Although the shutter was pushed confusedly, when often seen, the shuttlecock was what is tattering and seldom says that a motion is also quick. Near this, training of a hawk has been seen before. The hawk under still young training is the touch to which the back was also extended, and seemed to stretch a breast and to pursue game. Although it was only by imagination, I thought whether to have been the hawk which finished the life as a hawk for 鷹狩.


It could fly how far in this hot desert by the shuttlecock which became tattering. What game could be caught. A left photograph is the pipeline to whom this hawk was drinking water. As for this, water was blowing off whether the cork would loosen by chance. If this water is stopped, how does this hawk obtain water? It was [ that this hawk seen in the big, big desert is too much small, and ] too much weak