From Stray Cats activities -Aug.1996 AAPT-Maryland

1. Students decide what is value in the school.
The teachers should investigate what the students get excited about.
2. Simple is best. (KISS principle)
Simple equipment often show a principle of physics clearly.
Keep It Simple Students (Stupid)
3. We develop new experiments by using common materials in new and different way.
4. What is junk to others is treasure to us.
Students can do it on their own.
5. We have no authorities.
So, are our resource, we read many books, and we make our own equipment.
6. By exchanging our equipment each other, we are able to have many treasures for students.
7. Some students go to Cults or gangs, why?
Let's think of it !!

HIGHLIGHTS from the 1996 AAPT Summer Meeting

Demos and Exhibits
While serious topics were pervasive, meeting attendees also were treated to lighter fare. The Stray Cats, a demonstration and motivation team from Japan, once again visited the meeting and overwhelmed many spectators with their antics and student motivational pranks. They were well complimented by Dick Berg who entertained, taught, astounded, and overwhelmed audiences of physicists and guests with his elaborate and well planned demonstration lecture effort in the physics department. Berg carefully integrated his demonstration techniques directly into his pedagogy. He is an excellent teacher and a wonderful showman. (ANNOUNCER Vol.26 Sep.96)

Prof.Dick Berg (Center)


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